Texture on the Runway Recap

Texture on the Runway was a hit! I learned about different hairstyles, was introduced to knew products, and even got to meet Kim Coles! I know this is way overdue, but here is my update from the event originally posted on Naturally Curly.


After leaving a NYC fashion show, you would never expect to walk away with a life lesson. Yet that’s exactly what happened when I left the “Texture on the Runway” event Saturday, February 11. Yes, I learned about hair care tips. Yes, I saw first hand how versatile a set of curly locks can be. But most importantly, I learned how essential it is to work the hand dealt to you in life — and that includes your hair.

Most of us kinky curly heads have heard throughout life that our hair is so unmanageable, and the complete opposite of what “good hair” is supposed to be. “Texture on the Runway” is proof that those statements couldn’t be further from the truth.

Good hair is healthy hair and healthy hair can be achieved once we find the right products that work for our hair. Many of the stylist teams echoed the importance of keeping curls moisturized and detangled. Luckily, there have been influxes of hair care lines on the market that do exactly that. All that’s left is determining what you want your hair to do, and options are endless. That means accepting and getting to know your curls for what they truly are — a work of art. And of course, those works of art can be made into a masterpiece.

The creative teams at Matrix, Curls Unleashed, Arrojo, Minardi and Hair Rules brought those masterpieces to life as the lovely models with hair ranging from type 2 to type 4C hit the catwalk — all of them looking equally fabulous.  From up-do’s to afros to elongated curls, all types of texture were represented. Of course, that brought home the point that we’re all in this together, fighting the same battle and learning to love our locks one curl at a time.

In the words of the lovely Kim Coles, “I have a curly soul. It’s time everybody knows it.”

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