I’m Gonna Party Like It’s My Birthday

Some say you should treat everyday like it’s your last. Since, that sounds kind of depressing I decided to treat each day as though it’s my first. After all, what could be better than experiencing life’s simple pleasures with the wide-eyed innocence of a child?  – Replacing all of your insecurities and worries with the hope of a brand new day awaiting you and entering each situation with excitement and high expectations knowing there’s a possibility that it may only get better from here-  Luckily, that’s a little easier for me today. It’s my birthday! Last year, I vowed to make 23 the best year of my life. (I kept that promise.) Now, as I move into my mid-twenties, I vow to make this year even better! Considering the past year was filled with eventful moments such as getting engaged, seeing the Wendy Williams Show live, writing an ebook, meeting Kim Coles, and pretending to be Rocky as I ran up the stairs at the Philadelphia Art Museum, I was beginning to think it was next to impossible for me to top my 23rd year alive. But then I remembered what I always tell myself – “I CAN do the Impossible.” So I began writing a list to make sure this new birth year can stand the competition. Here it is:

1. Take advantage of all opportunities and have faith in them.

2. If you doubt yourself, see number 1.

That’s all that matters. If there is anything I’ve learned since my last birthday it’s that seizing opportunities is just as important as creating them. That moment we’ve all been waiting for  has usually been there waiting for us all along. We’re either too blind, stubborn, or paralyzed with worry to notice it. So I vow to have faith in my abilities and continue to believe that I really can do the impossible because those of us who are silly enough believe it are the ones who usually do. I’m ready to join the ranks of other great cancers before me such as, Bill Cosby, Nelson Mandela, Tia & Tamera Mowry, Arianna Huffington, Wendy Williams and more.

Here’s to another year of greatness:

Did you make a birthday promise to yourself? How did you follow through?

TERRIfic Quip:  Opportunities multiply as they are seized.

P.S. If you’re wondering what the perfect birthday gift for me is, it would be for everyone to go buy my new ebook, right now! Oh and world peace… 🙂

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