How I Stopped Being a Loser

So far this year, I’ve modeled for a show on The Knot, met Kim Coles, chosen a wedding dress, worked with new clients, won $10, and covered a huge fashion event in NYC. And it’s only the first week of March! I can assure you 2011 was nothing like this for me. (That quarter life crisis is no joke!) So how did I make the change from loser to winner? I simply told myself to stop being a loser.

Now I’m sure many of you have fallen on hard times at some point in your life and have said the same thing to yourself. The trick to making that little phrase work is actually believing it. And if you don’t mean it, tell yourself to stop being a loser several times until you start to believe it. That means getting out of self-pitty mode, dedicating yourself to finding happiness, taking risks, and taking advantage of all opportunities. And that’s exactly what I did. I’ve learned that sometimes we are so afraid of losing that we completely ignore the opportunities that are presented to us. And then when nothing good happens to us, we inadvertently become “losers”. Stop living in fear and let life happen.

I’m sure people would like to think that I stopped being a loser and all those wonderful things happened to me because I got lucky. In all honesty, I made them happen and you can to. Once I attributed 2012 as the best year of my life, I was determined to make it happen. So I took that risk of applying to model on The Knot and I took that risk of covering the NYC fashion event. I even took the risk of buying that lottery ticket that got me $10. Sure maybe it was pure luck that all of these situations turned out favorably. But the point is they happened because I put myself out there and took a risk. If you don’t let life happen, nothing will ever happen to you. There were those times when I did take a chance and felt like a loser. However, I learned in every loser-like situation there is a learning opportunity. Being happy and successful is a choice. Nobody ever accomplished anything great by staying in their comfort. There is a winner inside everyone. All you have to do is find it…


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