June 26, 2014

Fearless Quest 20: Tackling Confrontation

I don’t like confrontation and will do anything to avoid it. Sometimes that is not always a good thing. I’m more likely to backdown and apologize even if I know something is owed to me. This week was dedicated to confrontations and getting what is deserved of me.


June 19: Asked a teammate for extra tickets for the football game. As you may recall, I’m a member of the Trenton Freedom Football team. For each game, we only get two free tickets. That’s usually never enough and most people end up asking other team mates for me.For the first time ever, I took a cue from one of my teammates and asked everybody if I could have an extra ticket. After a few days, I finally got my free ticket and I don’t think I was a nuisance to anyone. Fear averted.

June 20: Asked for a free ebook in exchange for a review.  A company tweeted a deal for an ebook sold at $19.99 about not paying student loans. Considering there were no reviews for it, I figured I would ask for a free copy in exchange for a free book. The writers didn’t budge, so they are without a review and I’m without an ebook. The plus side is no one criticized me for asking! Fear averted.

June 21: Wore my hair in a puff/afro.  I love my natural hair, but I’m always worried that everyone else might not. My dance coach always asked me to wear my hair very curly for dance team performances, so I decided to wear my hair in it’s natural curly state in fear that it wouldn’t be well received. Much to my surprise, most people loved it and I got several compliments.

June 22: Emailed a business in regards to diversity. I browsed a dance clothing company and realized that 95% of people in the catalogue were blonde. There was no sign of anyone with any diversity. I decided to email an administrator at the company to confront them about the lack of diverse representation and suggested I be the first African American model. While they didn’t offer me a modeling job, they also didn’t scold me for being so bold.  Fear averted!

June 23: Confronted a business about low wages.  I came across a job post advertising content creation job consisting of writing health related blog posts of 500 words at $10 each. Rather than ignore the post, I risked scrutiny by emailing the person and letting them know that they are essentially paying way less than minimum wage once they figure in the time for research, writing and edits. Of course I didn’t get a response back.

June 24: Called Rider University Financial Aid. No body likes speaking with employees for the companies they own money to . I think that feeling of fear and hate is intensified when it comes to student loans. However, I had to make the phone call to inquire about a payment I was late on. Though it wasn’t a pleasant conversation, I didn’t get yelled at or belittled and I was able to make my payment. I think it’s safe to say, Fear averted!

June 25: Took the lead on planning a friends party. I never take charge. It’s so much responsibility and it stressful. But today I ignored the stress and fears of messing things up by agreed to lead the planning of my friend’s going away/girl’s night out get together. The planning has only just begun so I can’t report anything yet. But I’ll keep you posted.

June 24, 2014

The Best Way to Enjoy Summer: Unplug and Disconnect

I don’t say I hate things a lot, but I HATE Facebook. However, judging by the post I wrote on it a few months ago and the unplugamount of times I log onto it every day, you’ll never know it. As annoying as it is, there’s something about seeing the messy posts your ‘friends” make about their crappy boyfriends, horrible jobs  and struggle with loans. On the other side, it can be somewhat depressing to learn of a “friend” who just bought a house while I’m still managing to deal with my student loan debt. And no matter how often I complain about it, I still manage to find myself glued to Facebook rather than connecting with friends, family, business partners or the great outdoors.

If it’s not Facebook, it’s Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. Is it time consuming? Yes it is. But every time I questioned it, I reminded myself that it’s my job to be connected.  It wasn’t until recently that I realized that was a bunch of crap. Sure my job is to stay connected, but is being attached to my iPhone, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Pinterest and my tablet helping me do that?

Judging by the amount of times I’ve had to decline in-person networking events because of the amount of emails I had to read or the countless number of ignored  press event invitations because of the need to  “live-tweet”  a Twit chat, I would think not. Just because “connection” is only a few clicks away and only requires I be behind a screen doesn’t mean I’m connected. In fact, other than their font of choice, I’m convinced I don’t know these people at all.  

That’s why it only makes sense for me to unplug and disconnect for the summer. Starting July 1st, I am disconnecting from Facebook so I can focus on developing true connections rather than the artificial ones that we’ve become accustom to. I want to remember what it’s like to make a client laugh when discussing similar work stressors over lunch. I want to remember what it’s like to breathe in fresh summer air. Most importantly, I want to revisit the tingly feeling I get when recognizing that I’ve built more than just a business partnership, but a relationship. Unfortunately, I’ve found that it’s not possible for me to experience any of these things when dealing with the urge to be plugged to all things social media and technology. My guess is you can’t either.

If you are anything like me, you’re probably shaking your head in disagreement because you are such a fabulous multitasking-pro who has no problems plugging into the real world and technology. Don’t believe me? When was the last time you were able to engage fully on Facebook providing meaningful responses while being completely present in your family’s life? How about the last time you had no issue ignoring the email notification or Facebook alert on your phone while on a lunch date with your spouse? I’m willing to bet you weren’t as present in either situation as you would like. You might even say you were disconnected.

The truth is our brains are exhausted from attempting to doing it all. We’ve over exerted ourselves trying to be inclusive online that we’ve gone M.I.A in other areas of our lives making us miss out on true connections. I say it’s time for us to take a rest for the summer.

Deactivate Facebook, put down the smartphone and limit your time on email so you can truly connect. We won’t be able to truly plug into to people, nature, passion and summer unless we learn to unplug from the things that has taken over so much over lives. 

If unplugging for the summer sounds hard, try unplugging for an hour or even one day. You might be amazed with the change you’ll experience. Disconnecting might even make you happier, less stressed, a better employee and more positive and a networking machine. After all there’s more to life than recognizing a carefully selected profile picture and concocting Facebook statuses to earn hundreds of likes. And if you are worried about all the drama you’ll be missing from high school friends, think about how happy you’ll be when you’re electric or phone bill is much lower due to decrease in data and electricity usage.


Do you think you’ve missed out on a lot by living in connectivity? How do you plan to fully plug into the summer?


TERRIfic Quip: Sometimes it takes losing yourself in to really find yourself again.

June 23, 2014

Fearless Weak 19: Challenges with Identity

This week was meant to be about challenges related to my identity. However, it didn’t work out that way and my fears went across the board. Nonetheless, the challenges were still scary and helped me on my quest to be fearless.

June 12 – Legally changed my name. Call me crazy but I’ve been married for over a year and have been afraid to change my name legally. There’s something about changing the identity you’ve known your whole life, but out of love for my husband I changed my name to Hart. Though, I still have bouts with identity anxiety here and there, it isn’t as scary as I thought it would be… just a bit annoying to change every document. Fear Averted.

June 13- Taught Zumba class. I got my license to teach Zumba less than a month ago and was already offered the opportunity to teach a class. Considering I didn’t have a routine or music, I considered turning down the opportunity in fear of embarrassing myself. Instead, I crammed and accepted the challenge. Though I ended up free styling most of the class, it went well and I’m glad I did it.

June 14 – Fearless failure. Unfortunately, I did not have time to do anything scary today.

June 15- Sent a tweet to Nicki Minaj. Nothing big, but still a bit daunting noneth-less. I saw Nicki Minaj on Live with Kelly & Michael and wanted to ask her something about the interview. Though she doesn’t answer my tweet, I realized asking wasn’t as big a deal as I thought it would be.

June 16- Made a hair appointment. If no anyone with natural black hair, you know that we don’t trust just anyone with as our stylist in fear of getting our hair damaged. Well after doing my hair myself for years, I’ve finally decided to face my fear and make a hair appointment at the local beauty school. My appointment is this weekend and I’m scared out of my mind.

June 17- Called head of customer service for MyPublisher. I had a bad experience with the photo book company, MyPublisher and called the regular 800 number to complain. However, you never get too far with them so I decided to call the people in charge who could actually do something. Of course, I was afraid I’d sound crazy or they’d yell me, but I called the head of Customer Operations anyway. They didn’t answer so I left a voicemail. We’ll see what happens…

June 18- Agreed to do make an appearance for team on Saturday. A last minute event for a sponsor came up unexpectedly. It’s a high pressure event in which they depend on my performance to secure sponsorship for the next season. It’s very nervewracking and scary. Yet, I signed on anyway and crossing my fingers in the hopes I don’t screw up.

The scariest thing I did this week was teaching that Zumba class? There’s nothing like expecting to be the expert at something that you are really a complete novice at. 

June 16, 2014

Fearless Quest Week 18 – Asking for What You Want

I’m sure you’d heard the saying a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. Well this week, I put that sentiment.

June 5 – Asked to teach a sexy stretch class. I’ve been wanting to teach a class for a while now and finally asked my pole inside hook smiling antiqueinstructor if she thought it would be a good idea. She told me that we can consider it in September.

June 6 – Reached out to old friend on Facebook.

June 7 – Posted a video of me dancing. I learned a new trick in my pole class and was asked to post the video of it on Facebook. Of course, I was afraid of embarrassing myself but I did it anyway. Much to my surprise I got a slew of likes and positive comments. Fear averted.

June 8 – Complimented a random girl on her legs. I had the pleasure of attending the wedding for two close friends this weekend. Other then the ceremony, I was mesmerized by one of the guest’s legs. Of course, I wanted to tell the girl what I thought, but was afraid it be too weird. Regardless, I walked across the dance floor to tell the beautiful women what I thought about her beautiful legs. Rather than being creeped out, she thanked me and said she was flattered. Turns out everyone loves a compliment. Fear averted!

june 9  - Asked to get a free photo book. They say when you don’t ask you don’t receive. Therefore, I put my fear of rejection and humiliation to the test by asking customer service of MyPublisher for a free photo book. While I didn’t get what I wanted, I also wasn’t laughed at or ridiculed. The representative merely told me there was nothing they do do. Fear averted.

June 10 – Can’t remember right now, but when I do I’ll be back to update!

June 11 – Asked for a removal of fees. We had an issue with the landlord in which he wrongfully charged us for insufficient funds and late fees. I felt it would be a lost cause to have those fees removed. However, I spoke to the regional manager who said it was a fair request and could remove the late fees for us. Fear Averted.

June 5, 2014

Fearless Quest Week 17: Spending money to grow

It’s my first week back in the challenge to be fearless.  In light of my last post acknowledging poor business decisions, I decided it was time to focus on conquering my fear of investing in myself and my business. I’ve been so focused on saving money, that I never knew when to spend. As a result, my business and I stopped growing.   One of the scariest things in the world to me is not having fall back money and never having enough. Needless to say I am not a spender. So this week, my focus was on spending money and investing in myself even though it scares the hell out of me. Here it goes…

May 29th : Purchased a blog banner for my ebookAs you may recall I published an ebook about inspiration and motivation last year. Unfortunately, it’s not generating as many sales as it used to because I haven’t been promoting it. Today I spent $20 for a banner on the blog, Mama’s Got it Together. Of course, I was scared spending $20 that could’ve gone in my gas tank on a blog banner that may not even produce results. I was scared I’d be wasting my money and no one would even click on the link. The result: Since purchasing the banner, no one has bought the ebook and a few people have clicked the link. But I learned something about getting what you pay for.

May 30th – Bought wedding gift for someone I haven’t spoken to in years A distant cousin is getting married this weekend. Though we are friends on Facebook, I haven’t spoken to her since we were 7. Yet, I was compelled to stalk her registry and buy her a gift. However, I’m afraid she’ll think it’s weird to receive a gift from someone she has spoken to in almost 20 years. Well, I sent the gift, but she hasn’t received it. The Result: We’ll see. Only time will tell.

May 31st – Attempted the caterpillar on the pole. Unrelated to money or spending I decided to take a risk by trying a new move in my pole dance class that I’ve been absolutely terrified to try. It’s called the caterpillar. Basically, you are upside down on the pole and move your body like a caterpillar up the pole. I’ve been afraid to fall and hurt myself. The Result: I tried it and didn’t accomplish it. But I didm’ fall. Fear Averted.

June 1st – Drove the car on E. My fear of never having enough extends to my gas tank. I’m always afraid of letting my tank get less than half. For some reason, I think if it gets past half and run out of gas. So today, I drove about 6 miles with the light on E. The Result: I made it to the store and back without stalling. Fear Averted.

June 2 – Purchased social media blast for my ebook. My fear of spending/investing continues as I spent $100 on for a Social  Media Blast by Off Beat Bride. Again I was afraid I’d be wasting money on a non lucrative deal. The Result: So far 10 people have purchased, 45 people liked it on Facebook, and 616 clicked the link. Fear averted! I definitely think this one was worth the investment.

June 3 – Call loan people. I’m ashamed to say I’ve gotten behind on one of my student loans. Rather than avoiding them, I called to make the strange request that they apply money they owed me 6 years ago to the balance. They didn’t answer so I left a voicemail. The Result: We’ll see. Let’s hope I have the guts to call back.

June 4 – Agreed to audition to teach a Zumba class. I recently got licensed to teach Zumba. However, I have no experience teaching Zumba. An acquaintance told me about an open position and I agreed to audition to do it. I am scared out of my mind. The Result: We’ll see. The audition is next week.

Scariest Thing this Week: Hard to say, but I’ll have to pick spending $100 dollars on the social media blast. One hundred dollars is a lot of money for me to gamble with!


June 4, 2014

How to Give Up When Life Falls Apart

“Things Fall Apart” is more than just a legendary novel most of us were forced to read during our high school english class. giveupFor a lot of us, it seems to be the hook to a never ending song that keeps playing on repeat in the background of our lives. Unfortunately, it’s not a good song. Within the lyrics are tales of health issues, followed by job stressors, followed by a promotion, followed by yet another disappointment.

After so many down falls, it’s only natural you’ll just want to pull the plug on the radio and give up all hope. And who can blame you? Hell, I was ready to give up on life several months ago. Thanks to a bad business decision made earlier this year, I lost clients, had my cable and internet cut off, and was carless. Of course, I got through it the only way most of us know how. I gave up. Because giving up is on everyone’s mind, I figured I’d share how to do it the right way from personal experience. So if you want to give up like a pro when it seems like everything in life falls apart, follow my advice…

1. Remember that everything is permanent.

Ever notice that whenever there is bad weather it often lingers for days? Or what about when you have projects at work that seem to go on forever? Some things in life just seem to be never-ending. Or what about your time in college? Didn’t that drag on for way too long? That’s because everything in life is permanent. When I went through my down time without a few clients, I felt like the drought would never end. Focusing on that helped me be upset longer so I could give up all hope.

It’s about time you accept that things will never get better for you. You’ll probably always be tired even after a nap. You’ll always feel hungry even after you eat and you’ll always be poor even though you work. Just give up on everything changing now and learn to live with your sucky life forever. Doing that makes it much easier to give up when your life is falling a part before your eyes.

2. Worry and complain at every chance you get.

Ever notice how the people who don’t worry are usually the happiest? Well that’s the opposite of what we are going for here. I learned that the only way to stay down long enough for you to want to give up on life is to complain and worry all day, every day. That’s what I did with my husband. As soon as he got home from work, I bored him to death with my tales of sorry and worries about getting by. Ignore the people who say you should be grateful for what you have. You tried that and it didn’t stop your life from falling apart. It’s time you worry and complain at every chance you get.

3. Focus on all the negativity.

Sure, you may have gotten married last year and it’s true your birthday is right around the corner, but that hasn’t helped you get out of your current struggle. So forget about all of that stuff. Focusing on that certainly won’t assist in giving up when life falls apart. Instead, focus on all the bad things that contributed to the horrible situations. Take into consideration the bachelor’s degree that hasn’t amounted to anything, the rising gas prices that eats at your wallet and the ungodly amount of calories in the lunch you just had contributing to your expanding waist line. Negativity is what got you into this sham of a life, and it’s the only thing that will keep there!

4. Let other people’s negativity take over.

Whenever you see someone else wallowing in their problems, join right in. Sometimes your own negativity isn’t enough to make you give up on your own. You may need the help of other depressing people to make you realize how horrible life really is. The best way to give up is to surround yourself with negativity. Allow everyone’s bitterness to change the person you are. What’s the point in being happy and hopeful, if there are so many other things to be upset about? Focus on that and the world’s problems, and giving up will be a breeze for you!

5. Think about how much you’re not growing because of the pain you’re facing.

Let’s face it. You’re obviously not becoming a better person. If you were, you wouldn’t have had so many screw ups. After all, how many times do you recall your loving and perfect parents messing up? Probably never. And let’s not forget your mentor. There’s a reason why she’s able to give you such good advice about careers, business and living life. It’s because she’s never done anything wrong. In fact, all the people in your life whom you love and admire have been doing things almost perfectly once they got older. So it’s clear there’s something wrong with you. If you were growing, you wouldn’t be facing such pain. Rather than thinking about how you can improve, focus on everything you’ve done wrong and the pain you are feeling. Only then will you be successful on giving up on life. Remember, feeling pain and making mistakes is never a part of growing.

Got that? Great now go out there, make me proud, and start giving up like your life depends on it.


.. Seriously, my life didn’t start getting better until I decided not to give up. I realized that I only have one shot at life, so this is my chance to live it to the best of my ability. Why give up on life because of a few bad months, when you still have so much life to live?


Have you ever given up on life? What did you did?

TERRIfic Quip: This too shall pass.

May 29, 2014

I Let Fear Get the Best of Me

If you’ve followed this blog for you a while, you probably realized the fearful posts I was once so committed to publishing weeklies has disappeared. It’s been months since I’ve told you about how scared I’ve myself daily.  I’m not proud of it. I’d love to say it was because I’ve been planning a ridiculously crazy and out-of-this-world plan that I had to wait for further development before I revealed it to you. I’d even love to say it was because I’d experience such growth in my business that I had to cease keeping up with the blog. But that isn’t true either. There’s only one word to describe the reason, why I discontinued by fearless posts. FEAR. Yes, it’s a bit ironic but it’s true. I was fearful that what I posted wouldn’t live up to

In the past year, I’ve written posts about snorkeling, auditioning for a professional dance team and challenging my body with new tricks on the pole. After rereading those past posts, I know there was no way anything I wrote would live up to that. So instead of doing something even more scary than conquering the ocean I took the coward approach and stopped trying.

I stopped challenging myself, which ultimately stopped myself and this blog from growing. Of course, that defeated the whole purpose of my starting the year long fearful challenge. Conquering your fear means allowing yourself to live. And for months, I let my fear take away my right to life. That ends now. Next week, I’ll be back to my updates of living a fearless life.



April 22, 2014

TOP 10 Pinnable Quotes About LOVE

Since I’ve rebranded this blog last year, I’ve been sure to end every  post with quotes that I like to call TERRIfic Quips about conquering fear, success and inspiration.  These TERRIfic Quips aren’t just tacked on to the end of posts for the sake of being corny and make you feel invincible. They are strategically picked to inspire you to love the person you were, the person you are and the person you are meant to be. After all, we’re all a work in progress but that doesn’t mean we can’t love and enjoy the journey to becoming a better version of ourselves.

Because I’m a big pile of love today on my first wedding anniversary, I’ll be sharing my favorite and most pinnacle TERRIfic Quips meant to inspire you to love yourself and your place in life.  They may also inspire you to go pin crazy on Pinterest. Enjoy!

TERRIfic Quip: No need to go searching for beauty. It’s been inside you all along.


P.S. Planning a wedding or going to one this year? Be sure to download my ebooks 100 Things You Should Never Say – Bridal Edition and 100 Things You Should Never Say – Wedding Edition. They’re free  4/22/14 – 4/24/14. I figured this way you can celebrate my anniversary with me!


becoming more

star quote












airThere's gotta be more...

love yourselfsuccessstay madgrow up


April 17, 2014

What To Do When Your Best Isn’t Good Enough

star quoteWe all know the phrase, “Practice makes perfect” and “Perfect practice makes perfect.” However, it usually provides no solace when all you do is practice and it never gets perfect. But of course, being the optimistic people that we are, we keep positive believing that it will get better. But it doesn’t.  All it gets is worse and even more frustrating. Unfortunately, sometimes we need to accept that our best isn’t good enough.

In a perfect world, all our handwork will pay off after a few weeks of dedication bringing us to the top. But in this not-so-perfect world, we sometimes never make it to the top and instead fall flat on our butts. At that point, we have one of two options:  1. accept the reality that you’re not good enough and give up. or 2.  keep your chin up while continuing to practice till your best is good enough.

Two days ago I fell into the option 1 category. Yes, I was on the verge of giving up and breaking down. In fact, I did breakdown. And it was all because I was not good enough when it came to dancing and memorizing choreography. I have the pleasure of dancing for the Trenton Freedom football team. Each week we learn new dances and I was in the back for most of those dances praying that one day I’d make it to the front. Of course, after weeks of hoping I’d make it to the front I failed miserably. Despite practicing the routine for weeks, I couldn’t get the choreography correctly leading to my demotion. Yes, I lost my spot at the front of  the pyramid because my best wasn’t good enough. I felt embarrassed. I felt hurt. I felt frustrated. I felt defeated. Most of all, I felt like a failure.

It broke my heart to know that no matter how many hours I spent practicing this routine, I couldn’t get it. My inability to get the routine cost me the coveted spot in the front center spot of the field. I wish I could say I dusted my shoulders off and kept at it after the devastating news. But I did the exact opposite. I ran to the bathroom trying to hold back tears as I accepted my reality of not being able to cut it as a professional dancer. I was so hurt and disappointed over my poor performance that I was barely present for the rest of practice.

The bad feelings and the desire to quit continued into the next morning. In fact, I got very close to calling the dance team coordinator to apologize and resign… until I reminded myself why I wanted to be there and what I did to make it.  Just to make it on the team, I had to audtion and practice a routine. That meant the coordinators had already seen something special me. They saw my potential. The last thing I wanted to do was give up and make them think my potential was non-existent.

Despite the disappointment, I decided to keep at it and reevaluate. Obviously, I lost my spot because I was doing something wrong.  I had to change my method of learning choreography. Each time I practiced, I would run the routine over and over while watching television. Maybe it was time for me to eliminate the unnecessary and just focus on the choreography.

Next, I tried to pinpoint the problem. There had to be a reason why the choreography wasn’t sticking despite all the practice. Clearly, my memory was a problem. To rectify, I had to be willing to learn how improve  my muscle memory and recount choreography accurately.

The last step, though the easiest to recognize, just might have been the hardest to conquer. I needed to get out of my head. Clearly, I let the pressure of being in the front center spot get to me. I let it bother me so much that I fumbled steps I already knew, and made myself believe I couldn’t do it. Of course, that only lead to me screwing up the routine and disappointing myself upon realizing my best wasn’t good enough. Instead, I need to stop overthinking the routine and my abilities so I could believe that I really can do it.Sure my best wasn’t good enough to keep my spot as the center stage dancer. But if I’m going to be a stage right dancer, I’m going to be the best stage right dancer that stadium has ever seen.

So I challenge you to live like me. The next time your best isn’t good enough, reevaluate, find the problem, believe in yourself and shine like the start you are. You may not be the star, but that doesn’t have to stop you from putting on a good show.


What do you do when your best isn’t good enough? Have you ever wanted to quit?

TERRIfic Quip: It’s a slow process. Don’t make it slower by quitting.

April 1, 2014

The Problem with Your Motivational Quote Obsession And Why It Needs to End

successstartshereYou hop on the computer ready to do your normal social networking promotions for business while listening to the radio when you hear a line from your favorite song, “Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop.” Naturally, you feel instantly inspired and decide to make it your Facebook status. Before you know it, you’re all over Facebook and it’s time to close up shop.  No worries though. You’ll make up for lost time tomorrow. Except tomorrow comes and you are feeling too depressed and unsure about your future to get any work done . That’s when you jump on Pinterest and get pin happy when finding all the motivational quotes assuring you to keep going because, “Your past is just a story. Once you realize this, it has no power over you.” Then you read the perfect quote that speaks to your soul and current situation. “Take pride in how far you’ve come and have faith in how far you’ll go.” Feeling better about yourself, you go about your day confident in your abilities while turning on the tv and surfing the internet.

Does the above sound familiar? I’m sure it rings true to a lot of people; myself included.  However, there’s one major problem with that scenario. Sure you now feel confident about how far you’ve come and have faith in where you’ll go, but you haven’t gone anywhere. Why? Because you let all your potential, motivation and zeal to do something rest in a motivational quote you found online. Rather than actually doing what the quote was supposed to motivate you to do, you chose to make a meme featuring the quote, pin it on Pinterest, and then put it all over your room.

Sure, it’s great these quotes and uplifting memes helped you feel good about yourself and inspired you to do something. But the truth is they’re pointless if you never do anything. Don’t feel bad. I’ve been guilty of getting so quote happy that I’ve never applied the lessons to anything a time or two in the past. It happens to the best of us.

It’s about time we face the facts. We can believe we can do the impossible just like the quote says all we want, but the impossible won’t start happening until we learn to mix in a healthy dose of doing along with the believing. It’s really no different than teaching a young child a valuable lesson while he nods in agreement only to find out your words of wisdom have gone in one ear and out the other.

Remember when your mother would tell you how important it is to  not say anything at all if you have nothing nice to say? You always remembered it right after picking on your younger sibling. Of course, simply remembering it didn’t stop you from being mean to your brother. Well, that’s exactly what you are doing when it comes to those motivational quotes. Rather than just fawning over that inspirational quote, make sure you actually practice what that quote inspires you to do.

If life after the quote is still difficult, try doing this little exercise. Say your favorite words of inspiration aloud and then follow it with what aspect of your life you plan to change or what you plan to do. For example,  “I have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce. That means there’s nothing stopping me from catapulting my business in two months. I will do everything I can today to get the word out and work on my blog posts.” Then make it happen. Remember, actions always speak louder than words… even louder than a few words of motivation.


Have you fallen slave to the motivational quote? How did you snap out of it and get things done?

TERRIfic Quip: As Nike would say “Just do it”