4 Easy Steps to Loving Mondays



It’s Sunday night, but by the time this post is published it will be Monday morning. One of my favorite days of the week. While I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of Monday I know most people are not-so-secretly dreading it. I predict that once this is posted, there will already be about two dozen, “I hate Monday” posts on Facebook. Now, I admit I wasn’t always a Monday lover. I used to loathe just like everyone else. In fact, there was a point in time when I disliked Monday so much that I decided to deny it’s existence by never acknowledging the day of the way arrived. However, I realized that once that my despise of Monday was a result of my own doing, I made a conscience effort to make a change and turn my thought process around. Below are four easy steps, I followed that changed me from a Monday hater to a Monday lover.  Continue reading

The One Obsession That’s Killing Our Bright Future



We are a society obsessed. And it’s hurting us more than we know. This obsession affects our daily routines. It rules the way we socialize. It infiltrates our thought process. And it is always readily available at a moments notice. It’s bringing us down and harming our potential. In fact, this obsession is so strong that we don’t even notice it.

Believe it or not, I’m not referring to our addiction to social media. This obsession is much bigger than that. And it seems to have taken over everyone regardless of education level, social status, age, or location. It’s a big problem. In fact, that IS the obsession. Talking about our problems.

It’s an obsession thats so seemingly innocent that it actually causes the most damage and we always end up blindsided by it – if we notice the damage at all. Continue reading

Labor of Love on Labor Day

BreaktimeIt came in a flash, but it’s here – September 7th 2015 also known as Labor Day.  I’d be a hypocrite if I told you to do as the holiday implies and go to the beach, host a bbq or head to the carnival instead of work. Though, I’ve written this post in advance of this eagerly awaited holiday, I’m most likely working on something. It’s possible I’m working on an ebook, choreographing some songs for Zumba, drafting blog posts, or filling in some surveys. Whatever it is, I’m certainly not frolicking at the beach.

That’s just the reality of life. Bills don’t stop coming in because of the holiday. Deadlines don’t go away because of the holiday. And the desire to bring in the bacon doesn’t disappear.  So we work even on a day such as a labor day, which is meant for use to take a break.

While that tidbit may be disappointing to many, I’m ok with it. Why? Because although, I am working today I’ve decided to only work on the things  that I love or will eventually bring me love. That means, I’m avoiding the accounting, budgeting, follow up calls, filing and all the other unnecessary evils that come with being a self-employed individual.

The way I see it, we have enough to bring us stress and headaches. Why waste any more time than I have to working on things that don’t exactly make me smile… especially on a day I shouldn’t even be working according to holiday standards. If I’m gonna work today it will only be on the things that make me smile. And eventually, it will make others smile as well. Rather than do nothing, I’ve decided to do something my future self will thank me for. Luckily, that involves doing something I love while bringing love to others.

It took me a while, but I’v learned that when you do something you love, others benefit just as much as you do. Your labor of love will bring you freedom, balance and another reason to smile. It will be that same happiness and freedom that your labor of love brought that will make you more available to your family, more delightful to be around and more likely to give back to others. It’s a win-win situation.

So on this Labor Day, whether or not you have work make sure whatever you do is done out of love.

TERRIfic Quip: Don’t pick a job based on it’s vacation time. Choose a job from which you don’t need vacation.


5 easy ways to make money without even trying


When I was about 16 or 17 years old, my parents got me a book for my birthday. For most teenagers, this may have been the worst gift possible, but I loved it because reading was my therapy (in addition to dance and writing). When I realized the book they got me was Robert Kiyosaki’s best-selling book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” I couldn’t be happier.

Yes, that sounds strange. But it makes sense once you realize I was one of those nerdy kids who loved reading financial help books. (It’s probably what made me so frugal and enterprising today) Within that book was a lesson that became the icing on top of the cake of a birthday gift. Don’t work for the money. Make the money work for you. It’s a mantra that I kept in the back of my mind for a while when thinking about jobs. While that life lesson resonated with me, this next one was embedded in my heart. The key to being financially rich, is doing something once and continuously getting paid for it.

Continue reading

Your Realistic Mindset is Not a Badge of Honor


The Reason Why You Should Never Be Realistic


When I told a few of my friends that my plan is to be completely debt free by the time I’m 30, I got a lot of side eyed stares. Now I’d be the first to admit that it’s a lofty goal. I went to a private school that cost a lot of money. Unfortunately, the debt didn’t disappear when the late night study sessions did. So I wasn’t really surprised by the skepticism and side eyes I received upon my goal declaration. What I was surprised about were the responses I received.

“You need to be realistic. That isn’t going to happen.” Continue reading

32 Things I Do to Make the Day a Little Brighter




It’s no secret I am generally a happy and positive person. I’m one of those people who always believes in the fairytale ending. Even it’s not the ending I hoped for, I do everything I can to believe the outcome is what was best for that particular situation. Contrary to what people believe, I wasn’t born with a magical ray of sunshine up my butt. I wake up dreading Monday’s, stress about work problems, and get upset about dealing with people just like everyone else. Continue reading

How an airbag that failed to deploy saved my life…

accidentquote-JPG-6728 days. That’s how long it lasted. No – that’s not the length of my menstrual cycle. I’m talking about the tragic death of my car after 28 days. It wasn’t my dream car but it served it’s purpose. And after a bout of bad luck when it came to cars (we had two cars die on us within 6 months), this new one was God sent. It wasn’t brand new, but it was new to us. In fact, other than being a year newer, it was almost identical to my husband’s pride and joy that had died the month prior. The only difference was that this car, though a 2002, was in pristine condition. It was well maintained and had no issues. And all for a great price, thanks to the family friend who sold it to us.

My husband and I felt like we were on cloud nine to have lucked out with such a reliable car. In fact, after the year we had and all the issues we had with our other cars it was amazing that the universe had even trusted us with a car again. Continue reading

The one tip that will guarantee your most amazing workout ever


This one small change can make a world of difference in the way you break a sweat.

This one small change can make a world of difference in the way you break a sweat.

Give a girl the perfect shade of red lipstick and she can conquer the world. I don’t know why but there’s something about it that commands attention. It delivers confidence. It’s risky. It’s bold. And of course, it’s the perfect mix of sultry and sassy. – All things that almost every woman in America knows. I never believed it though. Despite, having to wear red lipstick for every dance recital or performance ever in life, I’ve never understood the lure of red lipstick. In fact, I hated it. I always found it’s bright red hue to be overly loud and obnoxious. Characteristics that I never found in myself.

The notion never stopped me from owning red lipstick though and mixing it with every other lipstick color I owned just so I could tone it down a bit . That is until one faithful  day when I was scheduled to teach a Zumba class I was dreading. I loved Zumba but I’m never quite sure if the participants love me. In fact, this class in particular has been pretty challenging – they hardly ever crack a smile, are very quiet and never answer any of my questions. In fact, it had gotten so bad and mind boggling that I debated quitting. Continue reading

How 57 Cents Became My Key to Paying off Student Loans

Few things make me happier than a good bargain. In fact, since my husband and I vowed to changequotelimit spending to necessities in order to pay off debt, a good bargain happens to be the easiest path to our shared high as of late. That means eating out is a no-no, random shopping sprees are forbidden and going to the movies is out of the question. Our quest to pay off student loans also meant that if an item wasn’t on sale, it wasn’t getting purchased. So if there’s not a coupon, or special pricing it’s not gonna happen. Hence, a lot of things get left on the shelves.

That’s why when IHOP announced it’s 57th anniversary sale of a short stack of pancakes for 57 cents, I was beyond ecstatic. In fact, I immediately called my patient husband to let him know that nothing else mattered on that day because we had a date at IHOP. For weeks, I fantasized about how the date was going to unfold. I pictured the welcoming host ushering us to a table  romantically set in the dim corner overlooking the garden outside the restaurant. I imagined my husband and I joining hands as we admired our color coordinating date night outfits. And finally, my smile grew and eyes twinkled as I fantasized about the ridiculously inexpensive check thanks to our splurge on those perfectly priced 57 cent buttermilk pancakes.

Just the thought of the cheap date made my heart smile. Who knew such a great splurge could make a bargain hunter so happy. That is until reality struck. And unfortunately that reality was that my planned date was a forbidden one. Why? Because it was a splurge. Inexpensive or not it wasn’t a necessity. Sure it was only 57 cents but it was 57 cents taken away from my student loans. My husband and I made an agreement that only necessities and career purchases would be made while focusing on a future of debt free lives. And even though an inexplicably cheap short stack at a favorite pancake eatery was good there was no way I could justify it as a necessity.

In fact no discount percentage on a splurge was worth my shifting focus away from the bigger picture of paying off those student loans. I realized that once I justified one splurge it would only be a matter of time before I justified another one. First it starts with a splurge of 57 cents on a shortstop of pancakes. Then leads to a splurge of $5.70 on some new pole dance gear. Then the next thing I know I’ll be justifying a splurge of $57 on a crazy sale at MAC cosmetics. No matter how good the sale is, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s money that should have been applied to paying off student loans. I was not about to let a 57 cent shortstack of pancakes be my gateway drug to irresponsible spending and a longer debt sentence.

So instead, I said goodbye to my dreams of cheap eats and revisited the pact we made reserving all expenses for necessities.  And with that, I sealed the deal by applying the 57 cents I would have spent on pancakes to one of my student loans. While disappointing to know that I soon wouldn’t be feasting on Ihop hotcakes I was proud of myself for standing my ground. Because if a splurge on 57 cent pancakes was the gateway drug to other inexcusable splurges, than resisting a tempting 57 cent bargain was the gateway to resisting even more unnecessary sales allowing me to get even closer to my debt free dreams. If I could say no to 57 cents, than I could say no to $5.00, $15, $150, $500 and more. With every no I say to an unbelievable sale I get even closer to being student debt free.

And to think it all started with 57 cents. It may not be a lot now, but has the potential to become much bigger than I ever imagined. 

Are you nickeling your way to a student debt free life? What methods have you taken to pay it off?

TERRIfic Quips: Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is bringing you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.

Why It’s Hard to Trust Your Gut and How to Start

moneyquoteAt 1 am one Thursday morning while I was sound asleep, I got a phone call from my husband who was at work. Normally, a phone call at this time will jerk anyone out of a peaceful sleep in fear that something was wrong. On any other day that probably would have been me. However, this night in particular I didn’t get the feeling that something had gone array. And I was right. As I sleepily answered the phone, my husband asked me a question about a topic I normally wouldn’t care about it. But this time was different.

“Guess who just got traded to the Sixers?”

Without hesitation, I excitedly yelled into the phone as though I wasn’t just sound a sleep, “Jason Thompson.”

See, this was a big deal to me. My husband and I went to school with Jason and since the day he was drafted to the Sacramento Kings several years ago, I told my husband that one day he would be playing for the Philadelphia 76ers. However, according to my husband and many other die hard basketball fans, that would never happened because the Sixers didn’t need a big man. However, I stuck to my gut despite what the naysayers said.

Many years went by and my gut never wavered in spite of my lack of sports knowledge and what the statistics dictated. So when I got the late night from my once skeptical husband announcing the news, I wasn’t the least bit surprised. People doubted me, questioned my reasoning and pointed to facts “proving” my speculation would be wrong. However, my gut didn’t care. I knew what was meant to be and I was right.

Moments after hanging up the phone with my husband while basking in my glory, I questioned why it was so easy to stick to my gut when it came to something that didn’t effect me at all.  Meanwhile, I can’t do the same when it comes to my future.

It’s easy to take a gamble when there’s nothing at risk. In my case, the worst that could happen would be the relentless teasing I’d get from my husband and brother who thought my prediction was outlandish. It wasn’t a real gamble. However, sticking to my gut when it comes to starting a new business venture, moving or other life altering change is a huge gamble – one that can affect my family, friends and entire livelihood.

So instead, I play it safe – ignore my gut and go left when everything in me tells me to go right. Why? Because it’s the tame thing to do. Just like when I listened to my gut in regards to Jason being traded – believed not trusting to my gut with big changes involved no risk. Of course, I couldn’t be more wrong.

As I looked back on different scenarios in life, I realized refusing to trust to my gut had been the riskiest thing I could do. Choosing to ignore my instinct, resulted in my entering a toxic friendship that later caused me heartache, a much smaller bank account and missed business opportunities. And of course, I can’t forget the guilt trip I put myself through once I realize I actually should have gone with my gut feeling. It usually begins with  beating myself up for a few hours, complaining to my husband and then second guessing every decision I make for the next week as I’m suddenly less in tune with my gut. In hindsight, the aftermath is always much riskier than the decision my gut was telling me to make.

It always seems to make so much sense after the fact. Meanwhile, at the time  you should be trusting that annoying feeling, it’s so unclear and scary for reasons that never make sense. And that’s just it. It’s so scary because it doesn’t make sense. We’re scared because the risk of trusting defies logic and we’re afraid of making the wrong decision.

So what’s stopping us from taking the risk of following our gut now? The fact that we made wrong decisions in the past? Is it because we have no way of predicting the outcome of following that gut feeling and being wrong? Well, here’s the funny thing. Even if it is the the wrong decision we have the power to turn it into the right decision later on. And when you think about it, that’s what life is all about. We are all a result of our bad decisions, which isn’t such a bad thing in hindsight. And at some point, even when the decision was wrong we found a way to amend it. And look at what great people we’ve become because of it!

But imagine if you trusted your gut. If it’s the right decision you’d be patting yourself on the back for a job well done. And even if your gut was the wrong decision, you wouldn’t be dealing with that nagging voice in your head asking, “What if did trust my gut?”

Why don’t just avoid all of that and just start trusting yourself. Of course, it’s easier said than done. But trusting yourself is a lot like trusting the person you intended to marry. If you want to begin following your gut more, I suggest building the type of trust you see in a spouse. How do you do that? Make a decision, stick to it and learn from the results. In time, you’ll see that the more decisions you make and stick to, the easier it will be for you to trust your gut when the time comes.

I can safely say that as trivial as it was, my ability to stick to my gut in regards to Jason Thompson being traded to the Sixers has definitely boosted my confidence when it comes to trusting my gut when it comes to riskier decisions. And to think all this clarity came from a late night phone call.

Do you find it easy to trust your gut? In what ways have you learned to trust yourself?

TERRIfic Quip: There’s a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen