9 Mantras that will Make You a Happier Human

I think it’s safe to say that we’re all on a journey to live more bliss, love filled, drama free and happy lives. And of course, we’ve all tried to achieve that life by implementing different tactics. Some of us go on diets. Others start new businesses. A few decide to cut cable. Many set out to travel the world. And others just try go a day without using their credit card.

While all those measures are great, I realized that it need not be that difficult. For me, achieving that fulfilling life I imagined all came down to being better than I was yesterday. And so far, I’ve accomplished that. I’m happy to say since I decided to take whatever I did yesterday a step further today that I’ve come out shining. However, I recently came across nine things to remember that will certainly change your life – perhaps even more than my dedication to be better than I was yesterday.


Who knew the key to life would be behind these simple phrases?

Who knew the key to life would be behind these simple phrases?

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How to Earn from Cash Back Sites When You Don’t Shop Online

By now, you probably know that I’m a big fan of cash back sites. And who could blame me? I’d a be a fool to not take advantage of the of chance to get paid for the errands and shopping I was gonna do anyway. And the best part is anyone can use it. I’ve earned hundreds of dollars each year from cash back sites like Ebates, Mypoints, and Swagbucks since I’ve started using them.

While the basis of most cash back sites is shopping online, I actually don’t shop online that much. Actually, I rarely shop online. It might actually be a stretch to say I even shop online once a month. The truth is I’m just not a fan of online shopping for several reasons. I can’t stand paying shipping and handling fees. I have no patience so I’m not fan of the wait time for my package to arrive. And I’m not very trusting that my items will appear the same way they did on the internet. If I don’t like what I bought, it’s always too much of a hassle to box it up and drive to the post office to return.

Who said shopping online was the only way to earn from cash back sites? Skip the shipping fees and still earn big!

Who said shopping online was the only way to earn from cash back sites? Skip the shipping fees and still earn big!

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7 Ways Anyone Can use Referral Links & Earn Extra Cash

Last week I told you all how to earn cash back and money without the use of a credit card and depending solely on your debit card. (Seriously who wants to be in debt?) While, Ebates, MyPoints, SwagBucks, SmarterBucks and more are all lucrative and beneficial in their own way, you are missing huge earning potential if you aren’t taking advantage of one key feature. Referral Links!In case you are completely clueless, referral links/programs are known as compensation companies will give you for any purchase or sign up made through a link specifically generated for you. Depending on the company and how they work they’ll either give you a fixed rate compensation of money, points or gift cards for each referral.

It’s true I’ve made a decent amount through videos, surveys, and the cash back features on all of these sites, but none of it compares to the cash and points I racked up from my referral links. The use of referral links from sites I love remain my favorite way to earn extra cash for my debt payoff mission. Plus, they help me pay for running this blog. The reason is simple. Companies give you much more for referrals than they do for other options in their apps or site. 

referral links, cash back, ebates,

If you’re shopping online at sites like Zulily, Zazzle, VistaPrint and more and aren’t using referral links, you’re doing it wrong. Learn how to put your referral links for your favorite sites to work for you and earn extra bucks!

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The Most Important Thing To Remember When You’ve Lost All Hope

If you are facing a challenge today, scared to go one, or just want to give up - this post was written for you.

If you are facing a challenge today, scared to go one, or just want to give up – this post was written for you.

For what ever reason, you can’t bare to make it through.

You’re weak.

You feel lifeless.

And every breathe you take feels like work.

You’re convinced the next 24 hours just might be enough to do you in.

You’ve lost all hope. I’ve been there. We’ve all be there.

But before you throw in the towel, please promise you’ll try to remember this:

There was once a time when logic didn’t matter to you. You didn’t care what the numbers said or what the naysayers thought.

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The Simple Way Anyone Can Earn Cash Back With a Debit Card

Hubby and I are not credit card people. Never have been and never will bel. No matter the so-called-benefits that are constantly preached, I just don’t see the need to get one. I had a credit card once in my life when I traveled to Mexico for the “extra protection” while out of the country. I had it then and I’m not looking back.

I just don’t like the idea of being in debt or owing somebody. So my entire life I’ve always been about either buying everything with cash or by using my debit card. There was one point when I thought I was missing out on all that sparkles when it came to credit cards. I was constantly hearing about how credit cards can help boost your credit score, track your credit score, insure car rentals, track purchases and earn cash back. For a while I was able to get many of the things credit cards gave you without the use of one… except earn cash back. My skin would crawl with jealously whenever I heard of people saving money and earning cash back from their credit card purchases. I wanted to be part of that special group of cash back earners, but didn’t dare sign up for the plastic devil. So I just kept my mouth shut, shopped with my trusty debit card and envied in silence.

Earning cash back without a credit card is easier than you think.

Earning cash back without a credit card!

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The Surefire Way To Make Sure You End the Year Richer Than You Started

It’s been almost a week since we found out the winners of the historic 1.5 million dollar Powerball jackpot. That means we’ve had time to let it sink in that we didn’t wake up rich. We’ve accepted that returning to work is inevitable. It also means we’ve been busy plotting ways to make ourselves richer some other ways via investments, get rich quick schemes or pure ingenuity.

I’d be the first to admit that I’ve had my fair share of failed attempts at getting richer over the years. I’ve tried selling T-shirts on Teespring. I’ve sold items that I no longer used or simply forgot about. I’ve signed up for as many cash back sites and apps I could think of. I’ve subscribed to the coupon lifestyle.  I’ve even made some money on this blog.

Though, I did make some decent income, I wasn’t rich. I was far from it considering I was swimming in student loan debt and barely making all of my payments on time. Plus, I was still struggling to figure out how I would save up enough money to move out, plus purchase a new car. And even with all the struggle, my dream of ending 2015 richer was still alive and well in my mind despite having to drain my emergency savings account on more than one occasion.

Skip the get-rich-scheme and do this instead. Easy ways to be richer by the end of the year

Skip the get-rich-scheme and do this instead. Easy ways to be richer by the end of the year

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What You Ought to Know about the Powerball… (Aside from the Jackpot)

The last few weeks have been legendary ones in the world of the lottery. The Powerball has seen historic jackpots of $600,000 million and $800,000 million consecutively. And because no one won, the drawing on Saturday it is now up to a legendary $1.3 billion dollars – the largest jackpot in word history.

These extremely large jackpots usually mean a few things –

  • People usually come out in droves to gamble on the winning jackpot
  • You hear loads of stories about what these gamblers will do if they win a portion of it
  • Gamblers and non gamblers obsess about the lottery for days talking about it, fantasizing about it and learning about it.

That’s nothing you don’t already know. What you don’t know but should is this. Lotto players are lousy gamblers. Those lousy gamblers always appear in droves as these large lottos are announced. I’m sorry to say that if you are planning to participate in this week’s Powerball, you are probably one of them.

There's only one thing you need to know about the Powerball to win big.

There’s only one thing you need to know about the Powerball to win big.

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Don’t Create A New Year’s Resolution. Do This Instead


12 months to a better you is easier than you think. Just follow this one simple tip

Ever notice when you create a timeline for something it almost never works out? It doesn’t matter what it is. Big or small things always fall through – especially when that timeline is based on age or some other arbitrary date. Seems to always happen when it comes to new year’s resolutions.

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7 reasons why you haven’t changed the world

Changing the world is a dream I suppose most of us have at some point in our lives. For many of us, it starts as children and then tapers off into adulthood as our dreams become something new and that’s ok. For others, that dream never really dies, but is also never realized. However, it never stops us from hoping and believing steadfast to the idea that we are capable of changing the world.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m part of the later group. Though it hasn’t happened yet, my dreams of chaining the world are still alive and while. I’ve struggled with the fact that it hasn’t happened yet on countless occasions. That is until I realized the only reason I haven’t changed the world as yet is because of the sabotage I caused myself. After serious reflection, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are seven main reasons why those who strive to change the world haven’t done it yet. I’m hoping at the conclusion of this list, you’ll be able to pinpoint your problem area, turn it around and continue on your quest changing the world.


1. You have no focus.
If you are simultaneously watching Modern Family, running your budget mentally and sorting clothes for the coat drive, you are doing world changing all wrong. Ignore the distractions. Focus on one thing and get it done. Then repeat. You know what your priorities are and you know what needs to be accomplished so stop procrastinating and being scatter brained. Once, you get your eyes back on the goal and focus, you’ll be so much closer to that change world you desire. Continue reading

31 Days of Giving: Go Clean

This post is part of a series, 31 Days of Giving When You Have Nothing to Give, dedicated to helping those with big hearts realize they have something to offer even if they feel they have nothing left to share.

Clean up. It doesn’t exactly sound too thrilling or like the best thing to do during the season of giving, but it’s certainly something you should try. You know how good it feels when you’re home is spic and span? Imagine how could it might feel to help someone get that same moment by helping them. Lend a hand to a parent, neighbor or senior citizen who may need help moving around to clean up. If none of these people exist in your life, consider picking up trash as you see it in your neighborhood. You may not be shown any gratitude from it, but rest assured Mother Nature will surely be smiling down on you.